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FS: Taeyang Hash + shoes

I have a few items for sale.

The dolls are $65 each plus shipping and the shoes are $15 each/pair plus shipping.

PayPal only for payment and I ship worldwide.

More stuff I have for sale... http://www.flickr.com/photos/shesaid87/sets/72157615029392251/

Sage sold!


I haven't posted here in a very long time but I just wanna let everyone that reads this know that I have a picfic, that I update when I feel like it. :D It's called House of PlasticDolls. So far I've made four episodes but I just finished writing three more. So I'll try to update sometime this week.

Click on the link to go to read the picfic's.


Mar. 26th, 2008

I just realized that I havn't posted here in two months! ^^; I guess I've been to lazy.

But I'm adding photos to my Flickr page almost every week...



I got my second Momoko today. Her name is Mischa. I gave her a hair cut after her first photoshoot and I'll post pictures of that later...

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My first Momoko arrived today. Her name is Felicity, and she's very pretty. :) I'll have to buy more Momoko's now. :P

Here's some pictures...

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My New Year's Resolutions

I normally don't make new year's resolutions... But I came up with a really fun idea. My new year's resolution(s) is to buy the following dolls, some time under the next year. :)

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Edit: Oops, I just found the Kurhn doll and bought her. But I guess it's already next year somewhere in the world. :D Here it's still two and a half hours left.


There's been a lot of crazy stuff happening the last weeks... *sigh*
Today Svante have lived here for three weeks. We like each other so much. :) But he ran away the second week and was gone for three days. :( I was so worried and felt like the worse person ever! But he came back to me. Some friends of my parents saw him running around their neighborhood so I went there to look and I found him almost at once. So, it's been pretty crazy. There's been some other stuff too... :( But at least Svante and I are happy with each other. It's so nice.

Here's some newer pictures of him...

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I know, this is so off topic. I mostly (or always) write about dolls but today I have to talk about something else... I bought a dog today! His name is Svante (it's a swedish name) and he's a white poodle. He's so beautiful! He's very nice and calm but still very curious. He's not used to walk with a leash so it was really hard at first... But after a while he got more used to it. It will take a lot of practice but I have all the time in the world! :D Tomorrow we will take a longer walk so he gets more practice. I'm sure it's easier when it's light outside.

And I'll try to take a picture of him tomorrow. :)

Edit: Here's a (bad) picture of him. I'll take more, better ones, tomorrow...



I bought a Tiny Betsy McCall last week and she arrived yesterday. Her name is Rosie... :)

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I got two Pinky:st's today! They are really cute. But I haven't come up with any names yet.

And I bought a Gene doll this weekend. And I'm looking for a Tiny Betsy McCall Perky Basic. Oh, stupid dolls! I love you all! XD

Edit: It turns out the black haired "pinky" isn't a pinky... So, does anyone know what/who she is? ^___^

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